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MAVPORT is proud to announce the launch

our newly developed website -

It was designed to be closer to our customers and to become your search engine for all the solutions and services you've always wanted to have.

We will always be updating our news page, with news, articles, announcements of new products and recent successful missions with customers.

We hope you have an excellent experience browsing on the website and getting information of personal interest.

For any question, suggestion or comments, please contact us:


Our prospects for the drone market, potential industries, our solutions and services are elements of this homepage.


Our Surveillance and Security, 3D Mapping and Inspection solutions are described in this section. Soon we will launch our specially developed systems for each solution. Here you can find your complete solution, or customize.

As an advance, we can reveal the names:

PATHAWK - Security and Survaillance

FACTSCAN - 2D/3D Mapping

AEROSCOPE - Infrastrutures Inspection


Along to solutions is a set of services. Engineering, maintenance, training and support services.


All the markets where we aim to work and the respective applications are detailed on this page.

Lauch our MAVPORT website

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